The qtec EuRep Team



To register a medical- or in-vitro diagnostic device in the European (EU) market can be easy with an experienced partner and informed authorised representative by your side. We are legal & regulatory experts and have a profund knowledge of the requirements that need to be fulfilled, if you decide to sell your medical device in one of the largest economies in the world.

To provide you with the best support our team is growing – but at the moment these are your experts @ qtec EuRep GmbH:

"WE are your reliable partner, your authorised representative. WE are always up-to-date and capable of supporting you!"

Jan Graf

Chief Executive Officer

Delvyn Heinsch

General Manager

Dr. Klaus Pollmeier

Senior Compliance Officer

Diana Hohage

Senior Legal & Compliance Officer

Alexander Holzhey

Senior Compliance Expert

Aidi Cao

Compliance Expert

Rinoja Panchalingam

Compliance Expert